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5 Layered Handcrafted 3D World Map Wood Wall Decor - Educational & Unique Gift

Introducing our stunning multilayer 3D world map crafted from birch & MDF, a true masterpiece of artistry and design. This exquisite wall art piece is a must-have for travel enthusiasts and admirers of fine craftsmanship.


Each layer of this intricately designed map represents different depths of the oceans and seas, with 4 layers in varying shades of blue or green or brown (depending on your choose) to depict the depths, while the top layer remains in its natural wood state, adding a touch of rustic elegance.


Please note that due to the natural properties of wood, there may be slight color variations in the final product. However, we assure you that every effort is made to ensure that the colors closely resemble those depicted in the pictures.


Whether you're an avid traveler seeking to adorn your home with reminders of your adventures or someone who appreciates adding a touch of sophistication to their living space, this 3D wall art travel map is the perfect choice. It serves as both a conversation starter and a visually captivating focal point in any room. Can also be used to colour out places that have been visited.


Elevate your decor with this beautiful and colorful piece of wall art, and let it inspire wanderlust and curiosity in all who behold it.

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Colour of World Map Oceans
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