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White Marble

Elegant Gifts for Unforgettable Moments


At Paris and Chaya, Our bespoke laser-cut, engraved and personalised creations are meticulously designed to turn every special occasion into an unforgettable experience. Explore the beauty of personalised gifting and elevate your moments with the artistry of Paris and Chaya.

Paris and Chaya's Treasures


Explore the Favorites: Discover the most cherished, handcrafted wonders that enchant our customers. Dive into Paris & Chaya's best-sellers – where elegance meets sentimentality. Unveil your next beloved keepsake today.

Paris and Chaya's Treasures


A Family Boutique

Welcome to our store! We are excited to share our love of arts and crafts with you. We are two sisters, making crafts at home. As children, we were encouraged by our parents to use our creativity, and it brought us so much joy. We offer a wide range of products that we hope will inspire you to and enjoy them just as much as we enjoy making them!

From our family, to yours.

New Arrivals

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