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These Weight Loss Money plaques are the perfect way to motivate yourself to lose weight and use as a weight loss tracker.

Simply add a pound to the plaque every time you lose a pound and watch the amount increase, when you reach your weight loss target you can use the money to reward yourself with something special. 

The weight loss plaque comes in various  sizes from  1 stone to 8 stone, to reflect your weight loss target.

These are fully customisable and can feature a name or even a motivating short phrase.  Please add note of what you would like the plaque to say when purchasing, using the add a note to seller section (If no note is added your plaque will say "Weight Loss Journey, One pound at a time, Goals achieved".


As these plaques are fully customisable, they can be used for many different purposes i.e. Childrens Rewards, Stop Smoking Reward...

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